About Us

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Our Company

Our lead office is based in Kathmandu, Nepal which lays its focus on recruitment services. Our company Four Star Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is recognized by Department of Labour & Employment promotion department of Nepal Government bearing its license no.: 420/060/61

Currently the operation of our company is being handled from our corporate office in Kathmandu. The company is managed professionally along with special emphasis on business planning, goal directed actions and accountability for promise & punctual preformance across the management spectum.

Why Choose Us?

Four Star Overseas offers you the best service that an industry can offer. By understanding the clients' requirements & committing towards result oriented delivery we create a believable environment which the client expect to get on the basis of experience. When you come in touch with us, a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship is built.

Our customers are our most valuable asset. We believe that the key to long-lasting success of any company is nothing other than the reliability of service and customer's trust. Hence, our highly esteemed customers can rely upon us fo qualitative & trustworthy service.

Furthermore, we are time-efficient & cost effective. We always direct our effort to meet the expectation of our valued customers

Our Solution

Physical security personnel to oversee proprietary or contract uniformed security operations, identify security system requirement, asses internal & external threats to assets and develop policies, plans procedures & physical safeguards to counter those threats.
We deal with issues such as who should access the data & how the privacy of the data, contractual information & intellectual properties can be stored systematically & safely and how the controlled, marked, determinate & disposed record can be mentioned properly.
Personnel security encompasses background investigations, drug testing and other pre-employment screening techniques, as well as adjudication of results clearness and other information access privileges.
Individuals who are high school graduates or Ex-British Gurkha, Indian army Gurkha & Ex-Royal Nepalese Army Gurkha are preferred by international recruiters. Many jobs require a driver's license & a formal training course.

Our Objectives

Our main objective is to seek, provide employment opportunities to Nepalese workers in overseas countries legally & also to improve economical condition of our countryman as well as country. We initiate all efforts to keep in touch with workers sent abroad by us for employment until the contract with us is over & also ensure firmly whether or not the workers are adequately insured under accident & life insurance schemes. We always look forward to the co-operation of labour importing countries for the supply of Nepalese human resources. This would definitely help national development.